World renowned entrepreneur and business expert Kevin Harrington doesn’t just love the business world, he lives it! The Enterprises show, which is shot on location and is the recipient of multiple Telly Awards, fuses all new and original stories on some of the greatest small, medium and global businesses. The show tracks down the world’s most inspiring people, compelling stories and groundbreaking achievements. Host Kevin Harrington takes viewers on a tour of each company and organization with educational and informative content, relaxed interviews and footage straight from the field.

Individual company profiles on the show reveal the impact that organizations have on their respective industries through varying products, services and technologies. Their words of wisdom can offer invaluable lessons for business owners, c-suite leaders, and up-and-comers alike. The show incites creativity in viewers as it reveals what drives the world’s top business talent and what makes them tick with insightful interviews with influential leaders asking the key questions… How did they get their start? What motivates them? What makes them unique? What is their key to success?

Viewers of the show are both affluent decision-makers who are growing and spending on their own businesses and everyday individuals who are interested in learning from leaders in industry. The producers and award-winning writers, Directors of Photography and editors at Enterprises join forces across all platforms to make a powerful and entertaining connection between the innovative minds in business today and the viewers.